Real Estate/Realtor Free Consultation

Are you a realtor that may help a client or colleague to buy or lease a business space in London? Schedule a session with Matt, an experienced London commercial real estate investor to review how we may be able to help you and or your client. There is no cost for this consultation. It can be booked by the realtor and/or with your client.

  • Referrals to you for businesses that contact us looking for a business space in London
  • Explanation of coworking and office options for residential clients that need a small and perhaps temporary space to work outside of their home
  • Business loan and grant options for clients that buy or lease business space or need operating capital for their growth. This may include a referral for loan package assistance with a local Small Bushiness Development Center Advisor.
  • Explanation for you or your client on how to navigate approvals necessary open their doors for business
    • Building department change of use/occupancy permits
    • Architecture/engineer stamped plans for occupancy or alterations
    • Planning commission and City Council approvals
    • Signage, facade & parking, especially in downtown/historic areas
    • Fire department approvals
    • Historic building renovations
    • Health department and/or liqour licensing for food based businesses

Schedule A Free Consult for You or With a Client